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Card Games

By Brody Danielson April 10, 2020

Card Games

Card games are a great way to keep entertained during quarantine. One of the reasons being, they are inexpensive, and can be played by pretty much any age group as well as a number of people. Even if you are quarantined by yourself, we still have suggestions on different games or ways you can play. 

If you are at home by yourself, this is no problem. Don’t let that stop you from having a game night. The best thing about card games is you can play them over a video call. Call up your friends or family and set up a game night using facetime, zoom, skype, etc. To make it official, grab all of your favorite snacks and drinks beforehand.  

Card Games For Families with Kids: 

SPOONS: (Played with a standard 52 card deck and spoons)

Spoons has been a family game since the beginning. It is extremely easy to play and is great for the whole family. A quick overview of how to play is you will pick up cards until you get four of the same cards. While doing this you will also be discarding those you don’t need. When a player gets all 4 of the same cards, everyone will try and grab a spoon and whoever does not get one will receive a letter in the words SPOONS. Once a player receives all 6 letters (S.P.O.O.N.S) they are out. You will play with 1 less spoon then players.  

Learn how to play SPOONS here  

WAR: (Played with a standard 52 card deck) 

War is a very easy card game that kids can play as well. This game usually is played between two people, although you can play with more. It is fast moving so it keeps the game entertaining. The goal of the game is to be the first to win all 52 cards. 

Learn how to play WAR here

GO FISH: (Played with a standard 52 card deck) 

As many of you already know, go fish is a very simple game aimed for a younger audience. If you have little kids, this is a good go to. The goal of the game is to get all 4 of the same cards (example four kings). 

Learn How to play GO FISH here

99 (Played with standard 52 card deck)

At the start of the game, three tokens are distributed to each player. Each hand, three cards are dealt to each player, and the player to the left of the dealer takes the first turn by choosing one of the cards in their hand, places it on the discard pile, calls out its value, and then draws a new card. The player to the left then chooses one of their cards and places it on the discard pile, adds its value to the previous card and calls out the new total. If a player forgets to draw a new card before the next player plays, that player must remain one card short for the remainder of the hand. Play proceeds in this manner until a player cannot play without making the total value greater than ninety-nine. That player must turn in one of his or her tokens, all cards are then collected and a new hand is dealt. Any player without tokens loses and is out of the game, while the last player remaining with token wins. A variation is to play with dollar bills, instead of tokens. The dollar bill is folded instead of giving a token. Five folds are allowed: all corners, then in half and after that player is out. The final player wins all the dollar bills.


Standard Rules[edit]

Cards of certain ranks have special values or properties, which are:

  • A: value is 1 or 11 (player chooses).
  • 3: value is 3 and the next player is skipped.
  • 4: value is 0 and the order of play is reversed.
    • Once the game is down to two players the order is not reversed.
  • 9: value is 99 no matter previous deck value.
  • 10: value is -10 or +10 (player chooses).
  • J: value is 10.
  • Q: value is 10.
  • K: value is 0.
    • Therefore previous deck value remains unchanged and can be thought of as a pass.

Learn How to Play 99 here 

Card Games For Adults: 

TEXAS HOLD’EM POKER: (Played with a standard 52 card deck)

If you have never played Texas Hold’em Poker then it may take a minute to pick up on, but once you start you will want to play for hours. The best poker hand will win the pot of chips.

Learn how to play TEXAS HOLD’EM POKER here (instructions & video) 

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY: (Must have the Cards Against Humanity Game) 

Cards against humanity is my personal favorite game as an adult. If you have the cards to play, I highly suggest you set up a game night with your friends or family. The game is great for a lot of laughter and creativity. 

Learn How to Play CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY here 


WHAT DO YOU MEME? (Must have the MEME Game Cards) 

If you are a millennial or a meme lover then this is most likely the game for you. The memes will make you laugh and it is perfect for a big group of people. The game is played by pairing meme images with caption cards. The person with the best pairing will win the round. 

Learn How to Play WHAT DO YOU MEME here 

These are just a few card game suggestions. If you are looking for more ideas head over to Pinterest or Bicycle where you can find endless games and ideas to keep you entertained.

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