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There is an increase in weather-related events: hurricanes, wildfires, and floods. Although we can't control these events, we can prepare for them. ReadyWise offers high-quality, ready-made dehydrated, and freeze-dried emergency food to help you deal with emergencies and protect you and your loved ones. ReadyWise specializes in long-term food storage and long-term food supply. Most of our foods are dehydrated or freeze-dried, and they're sealed in protective containers or pouches, which reduce unnecessary exposure to air or moisture—that means that our entrees can have a shelf life of 25 years or more! These survival meals are incredibly delicious and nutritious. From lasagna to tortilla soup, ReadyWise offers dishes that suit every taste. So be prepared whenever disaster strikes—by stocking up on ReadyWise emergency food items, you and your loved ones can be fully prepared for an emergency.
* It is up to you to determine how many servings you and each person you purchase this for will require per day.


Emergency 1 Month Supply - 2 Bucket Bundle
4 Week Supply - 2 Bucket Bundle (Over 1900 Calories/Day)  ReadyWise
SAVE $110.00
4 Week Supply - 2 Bucket Bundle (Over 1900 Calories/Day)
$189.99 $299.99
SAVE 37%
4320 Servings of Long Term Emergency Food Supply
4 Week Supply Buy One Get One Free  ReadyWise
SAVE $299.99
4 Week Supply Buy One Get One Free
$299.99 $599.98
SAVE 50%