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Get Creative – Paint, Tie Dye, Write, Photography, Invent

By Brody Danielson April 10, 2020

Get Creative – Paint, Tie Dye, Write, Photography, Invent

Now is your time to get creative and try different arts and crafts with your kids, significant other, family or just by yourself. We encourage you to try working on any projects you have been putting off. This could be as simple as invitations or thank you cards or it could be more time consuming like building a new garden bed for your backyard. A good go to for creative projects is pinterest. They have endless ideas with instructions showing you all the items you will need as well as step by step guidelines. YouTube is also alway a good place to look if you prefer watching videos instead of reading instructions.  


Painting is a good craft for families because everyone can do it. Little kids to grandparents. Set up a craft night with snacks and drinks for your household. This can be a good project for younger ones. You could suggest having them make cards for your neighbors or other family members. You could set up a painting competition and have prizes or you could paint and have wine night over Facetime or Zoom. There are endless possibilities and endless types of paints ranging from acrylic, watercolor, oil, house paint, ink etc. If you are really feeling ambitious, you could paint a room in your house. 

  • Paint a picture 
  • Paint thank you cards or invitations 
  • Paint some ceramics (pots, plates, mugs) 
  • Paint your walls or house



Tie dye is currently trending for clothing again. Now is a perfect time to get creative and make some new t-shirts, sweats, socks, pillow cases, really anything you want. These could be great gifts to surprise your siblings or friends with. If you already have tie dye supplies at your house, use that. For those of you who don’t have tie dye supplies at your house, don’t worry it is still possible. Something I wanted to share that I have seen on social media lately is tie dying using Clorox Bleach (cleaning supplies). Trust me, I know it sounds strange but it seems to work great. Please remember though while doing this, these are chemical and bleach will ruin stuff within seconds if you are not careful. Make sure you get the good to go from your parents, if you live with them before starting on this, use gloves and do this outside (avoid the lawn).

How to “Bleach” Tie Dye - 3 Ways 


For many, writing can be an escape and a way to express emotions. If this is you, use this time to write in your journal or expand your skills and start on that poem, book or paper you have been putting off. Being in your house for a long period gives you time to think. Use this to your advantage and make something great out of this time. Maybe in a year from now you will look back on this and thank yourself for finally starting on that book you have been wanting. If you are the type that gets writing inspiration away from the desk, then bring your laptop/journal outside along with a blanket or chair and get creative in the yard. 


Photographers or beginning photographers, there is no better time to expand your camera skills then now, while stuck inside. Use this time to your advantage and watch tutorials to make yourself a better photographer. This goes for editing as well. Practice on old photos, pick up new skills using adobe products. Learn how to video edit. These all take time which a lot of us have during quarantine. Take your photography to the next level. You will be thankful that you used this time to your advantage. Who knows where this could lead. 


A little more advanced project you could start on is building something. Summer is coming up, this could be a good time to build a new plant box for your garden you want to grow or make a fire pit in your backyard. 

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed (Under $15) 

How to Build a Fire Pit in your backyard 

We would love to see anything you guys come up with, don’t forget to tag us on our social channels if you create something you want to share. 

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