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ReadyWise 2024 Gift Guide

By Ben Slaughter December 21, 2023

ReadyWise Gift Guide 2024
Welcome to ReadyWise's carefully curated gift guide, designed to empower you and your loved ones with the gift of preparedness as we enter the new year. At ReadyWise, we understand the importance of being ready for whatever comes our way. That's why we've selected some of our best products to help you confidently face the future. Each item in this guide reflects our commitment to quality and reliability, from delicious emergency meals to durable power solutions. Give the gift of readiness, ensuring a safe and secure start to the new year.

 Give the gift of preparedness with our 4-Week Emergency Food Supply at an unbeatable price. Ensure your loved ones never face an emergency on an empty stomach. This bundle offers a diverse range of delicious, chef-designed meals with an impressive shelf life of up to 25 years. Packed with 1,900+ calories and 50+g of protein per day, it's the optimal nutrition profile for survival. With easy storage and simple preparation—it's the perfect gift for peace of mind.
 Introducing our improved 3-Month Emergency Food Bundle—a convenient solution for long-term storage. More calories, lower price! This bundle includes a variety of freeze-dried meals, snacks, and beverages. Featuring easy grab-and-go handles, up to 25-year shelf life, and stackable buckets, it's the ideal gift for extended preparedness—the perfect balance of nutrition, convenience, and affordability. 
 Power up life with our Generator and Solar Panel Bundle—a portable and durable solution for emergencies or adventures. With a robust aluminum alloy shell, high-quality lithium batteries, and smart safety features, this bundle ensures a reliable energy source wherever you go. Whether camping or facing a power outage, keep devices, lights, and appliances running longer with this compact generator. 
 Elevate your emergency food supply with The Patriot Bundle! Packed with 2 Meat Buckets, 1 Fruit Bucket, and 1 Vegetable Bucket, it's a comprehensive solution for any situation. With savory options like Roasted Chicken, Southwest-style chicken, and various fruits and vegetables, this bundle ensures a balanced and nutritious preparedness plan. Conveniently sealed for extended shelf life, it’s the ultimate gift. 
 The ultimate bug-out bag, our 3-Day Survival Backpack, is a complete solution for when it matters most. Loaded with 30 servings of delicious emergency food, a first aid kit, a multipurpose flashlight, and various survival essentials, this waterproof backpack is a thoughtful and practical gift. Ensure your loved ones are prepared for any situation with 148 pieces conveniently packed in a durable backpack
 Simplify preparedness with our Red 64 Piece Survival Backpacks—buy 2, get 1 FREE! Each backpack includes food, water, a 37-piece first aid kit, and essential supplies. With a shelf life of up to 25 years for food and up to 5 years for water, it's an innovative and cost-effective gift for those who prioritize readiness. Compact, comprehensive, and convenient—a gift that keeps giving. 
As the year wraps up, ReadyWise extends warm wishes for a secure new year. Our curated gift guide embodies our commitment to providing the tools for confidence in facing the future. Whether embracing preparedness or ensuring the well-being of loved ones, each offering showcases our dedication to quality. Consider the gift of preparedness—a gesture that extends beyond the holidays.

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