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Meet ReadyWise Vegan Meals: Freeze Dried Backpacking and Emergency Food

By Brody Danielson September 11, 2020

Backpacking is the recreational version of surviving, so it makes sense that backpacking food and emergency food are very similar. In this case, with ReadyWise’s dehydrated and freeze dried meals, they are one and the same.

ReadyWise — formally Wise Company — has a large line of dehydrated and freeze dried food that will last you many years, hit you with impressive flavor, and give you essential nutrients for the post-trek exhaustion (or extended survival scenario). The company just released its new Vegan and Vegetarian line of meals, a serious point of difference in a fairly crowded backpacking freeze dried food crowd, which is often meat and cheese heavy.

The Vegan options include entrees like Wild Rice Risotto and Summit Sweet Potato Curry, which utilize a healthy mix of rice, beans, coconut milk, and heaps of vegetables. The entrees are packed with protein (typically 20-25 grams per pouch), and plenty of calories to keep you fueled after a full day of hiking. There are Vegan breakfasts and sweet treats as well, letting those who want to forgo meat have lightweight, ready-made options for every circumstance on the trail.

All the meals are made in the USA, last for up to 25 years, cook directly in their pouches, cost less than $7, and simply require two cups of boiling water and time before eating. Dig in.

Unique Features of the ReadyWise Vegan Meals

The choice to debut a full line of vegan and vegetarian meals is a smart one. There are an overwhelming number of meat-based options for backpacking food, but as diet habits have changed over the last decade the ingredients of freeze dried backpacking meals have shifted minimally.

ReadyWise is changing that with vegan meals that still contain large amounts of protein and fat, both of which you need for full recovery on the trail.

The other unique aspect of ReadyWise is that they create both freeze dried and dehydrated food, and use both in their meals. Most companies choose one or the other; ReadyWise knows that certain foods retain their nutritional properties better as dehydrated food, and use that method, while others need to be freeze dried.

The result is a backpacking food that is full of flavor and full of diverse ingredients.

Entertainment and Education

One thing we noticed about ReadyWise Adventure Meals: the packaging is on point. Not only is the design well-done, but the back of each pouch has clear, simple, legible directions for use and helpful outdoor information.

We can’t stress how important this is. While some experienced backpackers can make a freeze dried meal in their sleep, many people are using them for the first time. It’s not complicated, but the 4-step process is laid out clearly and concisely on ReadyWise’s packaging.

Then there’s riddles, jokes, and camping hacks along the top. As an outdoor company that’s always trying to educate and entertain our readers, this struck a chord with us.

Who is ReadyWise?

ReadyWise — formally Wise Company — is an emergency and adventure food company. As Wise Company it produced a huge range of emergency preparedness foods, and it still does, including Long-Term Food Kits, Bundles, and essentials like Milk & Eggs and Fruits & Vegetables, most of which are freeze dried for long shelf life.

ReadyWise has heavily increased its Adventure Meals offerings, with handy Adventure Bags that contain many days worth of food, individual meal packets, and now a vegan and vegetarian line.

See the vegan and vegetarian meals, and learn more about ReadyWise.

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