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10 Best Dog Breeds for Outdoor Enthusiasts

By Brody Danielson April 20, 2021

10 Best Dog Breeds for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Whether a sledding enthusiast, avid hiker, or experienced angler, there is an adventure-seeking dog out there for everyone. However, not every breed is built to tag along challenging routes, impromptu lake ventures, and the like. 

When it comes to partnering up with a canine companion in the outdoors, first-aid know-how and breed information can go a long way. Below are the ten breeds most suitable for frequent adventurers. 

Labrador Retriever

As their title suggests, Labradors retrieve by nature. These ferociously loyal animals are athletic, gentle, and make for exceptional swimmers. They are easy to train thanks to their inherent desire to please!

Golden Retriever

Similar to their Lab counterparts, Golden Retrievers, though less agile, are just as willing to learn to navigate the great outdoors. These sturdy dogs can withstand temperature changes quite impressively—just don’t forget to hydrate them! 

Siberian Husky

A natural sledding dog, Siberian Huskies are tireless. Don’t be fooled by their wolf-like appearance—this loyal breed is incredibly loyal and has near-limitless amounts of energy that are ideal for extreme temperatures. 

German Shepherd

By pedigree, German Shepherds are intelligent and efficient herding dogs. This tireless breed is a perfect combination of brains and brawn and even make ideal search-and-rescue dogs. If you’re stuck in a rut with no access to immediate help, you can certainly count on this dog to offer a hand—or paw. 

Border Collie

Professionals across the globe agree that the Border Collie’s intelligence is near-infallible. Some will go as far as dubbing them the best canine athletes in existence! Border Collies will dominate any sport and are often an undefeated dog park-goer. 

Australian Shepherd

Contrary to its title, this highly motivated breed does not hail from Australia. Born into Western America, Australian Shepherds can naturally withstand high altitudes and ever-changing weather. These dogs can run for hours and will even babysit your children or younger siblings on a family hike! 

Australian Cattle Dog

This intelligent breed has a lot of energy to burn. While normally utilized as herding dogs, Australian Shepherds are just as excellent a hiking partner. These dogs require adequate and regular exercise—perfect for pet parents who love a weekly walk up the mountains. 

Alaskan Malamute

Like their close relatives—the Siberian Husky—Alaskan Malamutes are natural sled dogs used to northern, colder climates. However, Malamutes will adjust well to warmer weather, too—so long as you put them to work!  

Old English Sheepdog

One of the oldest breeds in the book, Old English Sheepdogs are used to wide, open spaces to satisfy their natural herding instinct. As travel buddies English Sheepdogs are incredibly patient and highly trainable. They keep their composure in crowded environments and will even react well to other animals. 

Mixed Breed

Never underestimate the athleticism behind a mixed breed dog! “Mutts” are known to be impressively sturdy and extremely intelligent. When properly trained, they can achieve nearly anything. Mutts are also at lower risk of genetic predispositions and environmental health problems. 

The Bottom Line

When preparing for an outdoor adventure with a canine companion, selecting an able and agile breed can give you peace of mind. Always keep useful travel tips in mind when taking your dog on an outdoor journey. You might even throw in a complete dog survival kit!

Readywise’s Dog Survival Kit is ideal for avid hikers who enjoy adventures with their canine companions. Each hand-assembled kit includes food and water pouches, a deluxe first aid kit, emergency tools, waste bags, and other outdoor necessities. 

With a complete Dog Survival Kit in their inventory, adventurers are fully equipped to handle any pet-related emergency!

About the Author

Mike is an avid dog enthusiast, experienced trainer, and owner of Dog Embassy. His passion involves providing accessible resources for new and learning dog owners. 

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