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Tips & Tricks For Rearranging your Furniture, How to Give your House a New Feel Without Buying Anything

By Brody Danielson April 18, 2020

Tips & Tricks For Rearranging your Furniture, How to Give your House a New Feel Without Buying Anything

No matter what week of quarantine you are on, you are probably getting bored of your place. One way that we have found helpful to change it up a bit, without having to buy anything, is by rearranging your furniture. This can give your house, apartment or studio a new feel.  


To begin, start looking for some inspiration ideas online. Pinterest is always a great place to go to for ideas. Next, depending on how detailed you want to get, you can draw out a plan of the room you are rearranging until you decide on what goes where. You could also think about swapping furniture in and out of different rooms if you really wanted to get into it. 

You should always start with the large furniture first as well as determining the right place for the T.V.. If it is a smaller area, you should think about measuring it beforehand to make sure it will fit in the new spot before you go through all of the effort of moving it. This is also a great time to clean in those hard to reach spots, like under the couch or behind the TV stand. 

Another thing you want to think about before moving is the lighting. Lighting can determine how the whole room feels. To give your place a more open feel, you want to give it as much natural lighting as possible. But if you are making a movie room and want to make it feel more “cozy,” then you may want to consider less natural light and instead add in some string lights or dimmed lights. One really important thing to remember is making sure all the outlets are still accessible and can be reached in the new spot. Don't move your T.V. and then realize you can't plug it in anywhere.

When talking about wall decor, you can change out the artwork in different rooms or you could change the placement on the wall. This goes for the floor too, rearrange the rugs in a different spot or move the plants around.


A Checklist to Go Over Before you Start Rearranging:

  • Get inspired 
  • Create a plan before you move anything
  • Determine where the T.V. will go, make sure it can be plugged in still
  • Be careful not to scratch the floors or walls 
  • Move the big furniture first, measure if you think you need to 
  • Make sure you can still get to all the outlets 
  • Figure out the best lighting for that specific room 
  • Make sure you still have walkways and the room is still easy to get around in 
  • Clean as you move furniture  
  • When rearranging seating, be sure to put a table close by for people to use as a drink stand
  • Rearrange accessories such as artwork, rugs, plants, lights, etc. 

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