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Ways to Stay Entertained During Social Distancing

By Brody Danielson March 25, 2020

Ways to Stay Entertained During Social Distancing

TV & Movies:

T.V. and Movies are a great way to keep any age group entertained during these downtimes. If you don’t already have a Netflix subscription then now is a great time to get one. Pick a new TV show to binge watch or do a movie marathon of your favorite series. This is a great excuse to watch all the T.V. you want without being criticized for it, instead you will be applauded for listening to the rules and staying inside. 

Suggestions: Netflixs, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Hulu, rent movie via Itunes, FandangoNow 

House & Yard Work:

Kill two birds with one stone, get all of your spring cleaning done and start on your yard work early. What a better time to get some fresh air and prep your yard for summer. Make some tea, coffee, or enjoy a beer outside while still being productive. Organize your house, catch up on laundry, clean the fridge, pantry or garage. Work on these things that you may not have time for in your regular routine.

Cook or Bake a New Recipe

Try cooking a new meal with the ingredients you have at your house. Bake some cookies or desserts for your movie marathon. Experiment in the kitchen with the foods you do have, but be careful not to waste them given the current situation. 

Clean Off Your or Computer or Phone

We are all guilty of having extra junk on our phone or computer. What a better time to clean off all the unnecessary screenshots, blurry photos, extra notes, or old messages you don’t need. This is a great time to not only get organized in the house, but also on your devices and computer. 

Use this Time to Get Fit

Exercise is a great thing to turn to while quarantined. It not only relieves stress and releases endorphins but why not find a way to better yourself during this downtime. There are so many places offering free online exercise classes - yoga, pilates, HIIT, personal training, etc. or try running outside (while still social distancing if this is still allowed in your town). Set a fitness goal during this time and stick with it. 

Play Card Games

If you are quarantined with your friends or family, set up a group game night. This is a great way to keep everyone entertained including kids. Try playing Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, The Meme Game, Texas Holdem, etc. If you do not have a large group to play with you could alway set up a group video call and play over the phone. Google+ Hangouts is completely free and allows for 10 people to call at the same time. 

Catch Up With Family Members or Old Friends

Speaking of Google Hangouts and video calls, now is a great time to check in on your loved ones and reach out to some old friends. Call up your grandma and grandpa and see how they are doing during this pandemic. If you are young and healthy, maybe offer to get them groceries when they run out. Make plans with your friends for when this is all over so you have exciting things to look forward to.

Regardless of what it is, keep yourself entertained and try not to stress. Enjoy this time home with your family/kids/pets, catch up on sleep, focus on self care and use this time to your advantage. 

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