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Camping While in Quarantine - In the House or Backyard

By Brody Danielson April 03, 2020



This past Saturday, Jim Gaffigan the comedian, and his family of 7 took camping in their living room to a whole new level. This event was extra special because it was not only for entertainment but was a LIVE fundraiser event where they ended up raising $9,666 for The Image Society. The Image Society is an organization that helps NYC heroes on the frontline during this pandemic. Another thank you to REI for making this event possible. The family of 8 camped out comfortably in their New York City apartment in a tent provided by REI along with Luci Lantern lights also provided by REI. During the video Jim and his family have a full on campout with ReadyWise Adventure Meals, hotdogs, guitars, ghost stories, jokes, riddles, ReadyWise Cookie Dough Bites and more! 



If you are looking to buy a tent this upcoming summer, we highly recommend heading over to REI. They have 100’s of different tents that range in size and weight as well any other camping supplies you could think of. 

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Don’t let quarantine stop you from camping. Learn how to set up your own “AT HOME CAMP SPOT” below.


While growing up, camping in the backyard was a regular event. Every summer my siblings and I would pitch a tent and act like we were in the great outdoors. Don’t let quarantine stop you from your camping plans. This is a great time to get creative and set up a campsite in your backyard or even living room. This is great entertainment for kids, couples and even adults. 


Camping in the Backyard

Depending on where you live and what the weather is like, camping in your backyard is a good way to get fresh air and get “out of the house,” while still following the stay at home rules. This could help distract you from feeling trapped inside or stuck at home all day. It could be a nice change of pace for you and your loved ones. Say you're an adult and you're doing this strictly for your kids. Be outside with them, do yard work at the same time, have a barbeque with those in your home or pull up a chair and enjoy a cocktail. 


The Set Up 

Make it an all day event. Wake up early on a Saturday morning and set up your at home “campsite.” Starting with the sleeping arrangements, you could pitch a tent, make a bed on the trampoline if you have one or get crafty and set up a teepee. Prepare it with an air mattress (or yoga matt), sleeping bags, blankets, flashlights whatever it may be to make it feel the most realistic. You could also hang string lights/christmas lights in the backyard to give it a more magical mood. 

Depending on state rules (be sure to check beforehand) and items you may have around the house, set up a campfire. If you have a firepit in your backyard, awesome, use that. If you don’t you could use a bbq or your stove to roast marshmallow on. 


If you really want to get creative, set up a scavenger hunt for your young ones around the yard. Make a list of things they need to find. You could either hide items in your backyard or pick out nature items that are already there. You could also set up a treasure hunt and create a map with clues. This could keep them entertained for hours. For those a little bit older, you could suggest a game of flashlight tag once it gets dark. 

When the sun goes down, sit together and tell campfire stories or jokes. On the back of all of our ReadyWise Adventure Meals there are riddles and jokes, this could be great for family fun. You could also bring the speaker out back and listen to music and stargaze. 


When camping, regardless of where it is, freeze-dried meals are alway a great idea because there is no mess and they are super easy to make. Our adventure meals can be ready in as little as 12-15 minutes and only require hot water. 

If you don't have camping meals or prefer to save them, you could grill burgers, hotdogs or even just prepare a meal inside and bring it out back to eat. That is one advantage to camping in your own backyard. 

Camping in the House


Another fun alternative to camping in the yard is camping in the house. Pitch a tent in your living room or let your kids make a fort. Although you are home, this could change things up a bit for them and help open up their imagination. To make it seem extra real you could try putting on campfire noises or cricket sounds. Prepare them yummy snacks, bring them hot chocolate or let them indulge in treats they don’t always get. Pinterest is a great place to look on if you need “living room camping inspiration” ideas. 

Saying all of this, we would love to see how you guys bring this to life. Tag us in your at home camping photos to be featured on our Instagram story @readywisefood.

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