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Preparing for a Tornado

By Brody Danielson September 21, 2020

Preparing for a Tsunami

National Preparedness Month 

Tornadoes can happen anywhere, anytime. It is important to be prepared for them especially if you live in a high risk area. Tornadoes bring intense winds that are over 200MPH.


How To Prepare For A Tornado: (Ready.Gov)

 - Know if you are in a high risk tornado zone. In the U.S. the areas that are at a high risk for tornadoes are the Midwest and the Southeast.

 - Know the different signs of a tornado “including a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud: an approaching cloud of debris; or a loud roar -similar to a freight train.”

 - Listen to weather reports and the local news.

 - Make sure you are signed up for your local. community’s warning system. Listen for sirens in your community. “The Emergency Alert System (EAS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Radio also provide emergency alerts” (Ready.Gov).

 - Have a plan ready with your family and practice it beforehand.


What To Do If You Receive A Tornado Warning:


-  If there is a study building nearby, use it for shelter.

- “Go to a basement, safe room, or storm cellar.”

 - If there is no basement nearby, find a “small interior room on the lowest level.”

 - Avoid windows, doors and outside walls.

- Cover your neck and head with your arms.

- Do not use overpasses or bridges for protection.

 - Keep an eye out for flying debris.


Helpful Resources:

- Find more information here -

- FEMA Tornado Information Sheet -…/2020-…/tornado-information-sheet.pdf

- FEMA Taking Shelter From the Storm -…/taking-shelter-building-a-safe-room…

“Tornadoes .” Ready.Gov, 9 Sept. 2020, 

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