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Preparing for a Pandemic

By Brody Danielson September 21, 2020

Preparing for a Pandemic

National Preparedness Month 

As we have all learned, being prepared for a pandemic is very important. The more people that are prepared, the less panic buying will go on.

How To Prepare For A Pandemic ( Ready.Gov)

- Stock up on emergency food and water (this will help avoid panic buying). Here at ReadyWise, we recommend having at least 1 month’s worth of food and water stored up in case of emergency.

- Stock up on cleaning supplies.

- Have an extra month's worth of any prescription drugs you are taking.

- Stock up on nonprescription drugs or other health supplies such as pain relievers, cold and flu medicines, cough medicine, vitamins, stomach remedies and fluids with electrolytes.

- Have extra copies of your health records stored in a safe place that is easily accessible.

- Have a plan ready in case one of your family members gets sick. How would they be cared for and where would they stay.

What To Do During A Pandemic ( Ready.Gov)

- “Avoid close contact with people who are sick.”

- Stay home and avoid others when you are feeling sick.

- Wash your hands.

- Avoid touching your face.

- Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue before coughing or sneezing.

- “Practice other good health habits. Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food.”

Helpful Resources:

- Find more information here -

- FEMA -

- CDC -

“Pandemic .” Ready.Gov, 9 Sept. 2020, 

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