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Going On A Bear Hunt Day

By Brody Danielson April 13, 2020

Going On A Bear Hunt Day

“Teddy Bear Hunt” is a new game that is being played worldwide to help keep younger kids entertained while “staying at home”. Right now can be a tough time for little kids because they may not understand what is going on and why they can’t do the things they love such as go to toy stores, playgrounds, movies, play with their friends, etc. One of the things most can still do though is go on walks or drives with their parents or families. This is how the game started.

Tammy Buamn, her 8 year old sister and their parents started a new game and Facebook group called “Teddy Bear Hunt.” This game was inspired by Micheal Rosen’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. This “Teddy Bear Hunt” is a game where they compete to see how many teddy bears, stuffed animals, or pictures they can spot in the windows or outside of people's houses while they are out walking or driving around. People from all over the world have been participating by setting stuff animals in their windows. Not everyone has stuffed animals to be put out so as an alternative people are also placing rainbows that have been drawn on their windows or door instead. They have been taking pictures of the most unique bears they find along the way. 

To give you a better idea of the reach this game has had so far, according to The New York Times, “in recent weeks, stuffed animals have been spotted in at least 13 countries - including Japan, Australia, Germany, Scotland and all 50 states.”

We encourage people to participate. It is easy and gives kids something to look forward to during this time. It helps distract them from coronavirus and gives them something to do other than watch tv, play on the ipad or play video games. 

Visit the Teddy Bear Hunt Facebook Page here

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