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Different Ways to Add Our Freeze-Dried Vegetables to Your ReadyWise Entrees

By Brody Danielson April 29, 2020

Different Ways to Add Our Freeze-Dried Vegetables to Your ReadyWise Entrees

Our 120 Serving Vegetable Buckets are finally back in stock. This is one of our most popular emergency items because it can be used with a ton of different recipes and has great nutritional value. There is a limited supply and they are selling out quickly. If you are interested you can shop here on our website or through this link. If you have been following along with our weekly emails, then you may have already read some of the benefits of our freeze-dried vegetables. In today's blog post we want to talk about why this is a good staple item to keep around your house as well as show you some of the different ways these can be used in recipes to add extra nutritional value to your meal. 

Vegetables are an essential part to keeping a healthy balanced diet. The great thing about freeze-dried vegetables is that they still contain almost all of their original nutritional value. Another great benefit is that our vegetable buckets have a 25 year shelf-life and are easy to store. This says a lot, because fresh produce tends to only last around a week before it starts going bad. If you were put in a situation where you couldn’t leave your house for a few weeks, you would still be able to get vitamins, antioxidants and fiber from this bucket. Our freeze-dried vegetables are not made with any hard chemicals, preservatives, or additives. They can be eaten straight out of the pouch as well as rehydrated with water or other liquids. This bucket comes with 4 different types of veggies, 4 pouches of corn, 3 pouches of peas, 4 pouches of broccoli and 4 pouches of green beans.


Below are some of our favorite ways to add extra veggies to our freeze-dried ReadyWise Entrees. How we like to do it here at ReadyWise is add the freeze-dried vegetable before you make the entree. After, follow the entree instructions on the back. If you need to add more water due to the added vegetables, do it a little bit at a time until desired consistency. 


Cheesy Macaroni - with Broccoli (good recipe for kids) 

It can be tough to get kids to eat vegetables if they are a picky eater. A good way to disguise the taste is by adding them to their favorite pasta dish. Most of the time the vegetables end up taking on the flavor of the pasta sauce. ReadyWise Cheesy Macaroni and broccoli go great together.  

Pasta Alfredo - with broccoli: 

Our ReadyWise Pasta Alfredo is another great entree that pairs well with Broccoli. This can be a good meal with a little bit of everything, carbs, chicken and vegetables. If you are looking to spice it up, you could also add some hot sauce or red pepper flakes as well. 

Teriyaki and Rice - with broccoli: 

Another delicious entree idea is adding Broccoli to our Teriyaki and Rice. Depending on what other ingredients you have in your house, you could turn this into a stir fry (rice, vegetables, protein- chicken, teriyaki sauce or soy sauce)

Benefits of adding broccoli: 

  • Good source of Vitamin C
  • Good source of Vitamin K 
  • Potassium 
  • Fiber 

Creamy Pasta - with peas 

Our creamy pasta is another entree that pairs well with added vegetables. Our personal favorite is adding extra peas. This entree always has peas in it, but if you wanted the extra nutrition, we suggest adding a few more. 

Benefits of adding peas: 

  • Good Source of Fiber 
  • Good source of Vitamin A, C & K 
  • Iron
  • Folate
  • Thiamine
  • Manganese 


Baked Potato Casserole - with green beans (in or on the side) 

Baked Potato Casserole with added green beans is very delicious. These can be added directly in the entree or are also good as a side dish. 

Benefits of Green Beans: 

  • Good source of fiber 
  • Good source of Vitamin A C & K
  • Folate

These are only a few ways to shake up your ReadyWise entries with extra vegetables. This goes beyond our ReadyWise meals as well, these vegetables can be added to any recipe. They go especially well in soups. 


During this time at home, it is very tempting to snack all day long. Saying this, snacking is a great way to keep your metabolism running. Instead of snacking on chips or junk food that will end up making you more tired, try snacking on our freeze-dried vegetables. These are great to keep in your pantry, desk at work, car or bag. Healthy snacks can keep your energy levels high and your hunger down. Pour them in a bowl and add in some extra seasoning if desired. 

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