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Prepare for Nuclear Fallout

By Brody Danielson March 02, 2022

Prepare for Nuclear Fallout

This weekend, Putin escalated tensions further by putting his nuclear forces on high alert, citing aggressive statements from NATO. If Putin activates any of his 6,000 nuclear weapons, we will see the most detrimental consequences in our history. As Russia struggles to take over Ukraine, US officials warn that a frustrated Putin could take more drastic tactics to reach his end goal. The best defense is to prepare for the worst, which is why it's important to know what to do to protect you and your family from nuclear fallout.

Although nuclear explosions are devastating, there are steps you can take to survive after the initial blast has taken place to protect against the extreme heat and radiation. Nuclear fallout is most dangerous in the first few hours after detonation when radiation levels are highest. However, it often takes up to 15 minutes for the fallout to return to ground level if you are outside of the immediate blast damage zones meaning you have a chance to survive. 

The first step is to get inside and stay inside for at least 24 hours or before local authorities give further instructions. Brick or concrete buildings will be your best protection against radiation levels. It would be best if you attempted to get into a basement room, staying away from windows, outer walls, and roofs. If you were outside after the fallout arrived, you should quickly remove contaminated clothing and clean unprotected skin. It is important to note that hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes do not protect you from nuclear fallout. Avoid touching your face by wearing a mask. If possible, stay six feet away from people outside your immediate household. 

There is sometimes little to no warning of a nuclear blast, so create a preparedness plan with your family today. Identify shelter locations near your home and places of work if you do not live in a building with proper protection. Communication is essential in an emergency. Handheld radios will work after a detonation, but texting and calling will most likely be unavailable. We recommend having a radio on deck for emergency prep, like Midland's two-person walkie-talkie kits. 

Make sure you have the necessary resources in advance! You will not be able to go out to the grocery stores to get food, so make sure you are stocked with emergency food. FEMA recommends having at least three days' worth of food for each person. We recommend having a month's supply during these uncertain times. ReadyWise, the leader in Emergency Food Supplies, has created a simple and cost-effective solution with our Basic 1 Month Bundle. This One Month Bundle includes four 100 serving variety pack buckets and two American Red Cross 72 Hour Kits. These freeze-dried meals, beverages, and snacks provide the perfect variety. This bundle comes with over 2,000 calories per day for 30 days, and about 464 cups of water are required. ReadyWise is disaster-proof, unlike other emergency food suppliers, because you do not need hot water to reconstitute the food.  

Prepare today for peace of mind tomorrow. Make sure you take the necessary steps to mitigate any risks and give you and your family the best chance for survival.

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