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Best Practices for Shelter-in-Place at Home - COVID-19 Pandemic 

By Brody Danielson February 18, 2020

Best Practices for Shelter-in-Place at Home - COVID-19 Pandemic 

As of yesterday, counties in San Francisco, were ordered to “shelter-in-place,” due to the coronavirus pandemic. New York is strongly considering following the same measures. Leading officials have decided to take more aggressive and immediate restrictions to help “curb the spread” of the virus. Extreme measures all over the world are being put in place to flatten the curve of those infected. During this time it is also very important not to panic and be considerate of others. You may be a healthy young individual that is at a low risk for COVID-19, but to help protect the elderly and those who may not have as good health, it is important to follow the restrictions, so that you do not spread the virus to others. 

What exactly does “shelter-in-place” look like for COVID-19? According to San Francisco authorities they have ordered residents to take immediate refuge at their current location and only leave their homes and apartments for medicine, food and exercise. This is designed to reduce human interaction which is the only way to stop or slow down the virus. 


How to prepare for a “Shelter-in-Place” for a sustained period of time ( 2+ Weeks)

Since this is an unprecedented event, it is smart to have at least 2+ weeks of food stocked up. At ReadyWise, it is our job to help people get prepared for situations like these. We are here to help provide people with a piece-of-mind during pandemics, disasters or any type of emergency. 

ReadyWise has put together bundles with a 25 year shelf life to make it easier for consumers, especially in times like this. Our 1080 Serving Bundle is a great kit to consider, because it offers a variety of different meals from breakfast to lunch to dinners. It comes with six 120 serving buckets of emergency food entrees as well as three 120 serving buckets of our breakfast entrees. Our freeze-dried meals are super easy to make and only require water. Our bundles also come packed in grab and go buckets that are easy to store. 

Some other smart things to remember are medications, you should be sure you have an extra month's worth of any medication you are taking. It is also good to consider having extra contacts if you wear them, pet supplies, batteries, keys or any type of thing you may rely on in your everyday life. 


Tips and Tricks for Staying Entertained during a Shelter-in-Place. 

Now is your time to catch up on all of the movies you have been wanting to watch. Get a Netflix subscription and make a list of all the ones you want to see. Books are always a great idea as well. Since you should not go out, remember you can find ebooks online or listen to podcasts. Maybe you have been wanting to start some big project, now is your time. Get organized and deep clean your house, play cards, facetime friends. Whatever it is, try and make the most out of this time rather than dwell on the negative. 

One super important thing to remember is exercise. It is important for staying healthy, relieving stress and releasing endorphins. You may not be able to go to the gym, but you could alway take a walk around the block, try at home yoga, online exercise classes or anything to help get your heart rate up. 



Stay Informed on COVID-19

Last thing, don’t forget to stay informed. Check the news in your area, visit the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website or the World Health Organization’s website. Read and watch the news, so you know what is going on. 

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