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Eating properly is important and, thanks to ReadyWise, it’s possible to eat a healthy and varied diet even during a natural disaster or an emergency event. Aside from offering a wide array of freeze-dried and dehydrated meats, fruits, and veggies, ReadyWise also offers a line of gluten-free entrees and gluten-free drinks as well. These items are ideal for long-term emergency food storage, or they can even be utilized for normal, daily usage, such as a long car trip or a quick family camping trip. All of our freeze-dried and dehydrated items are stored in special pouches that are designed to extend an item’s overall shelf life. Furthermore, many of our entrees are packed away within both a pouch and an ultra-durable bucket—these buckets are designed to be easily stackable too. In fact, when our entrees or food items are stored properly, they can often last for well over 20 years. When it comes to our gluten free foods, we carry a number of options including freeze-dried vegetables, freeze-dried meats, and even freeze-dried fruits. These food items can be combined with other entrees easily and preparation is a real breeze—simply add water to the meal and it’s ready to be consumed. In addition, ReadyWise offers a package of 120 servings of long-term whey milk. Aside from meats and veggies, ReadyWise carries a unique, gluten-free, 84-serving entrée and breakfast package that can provide a single individual with three servings of gluten-free food a day. The package includes meals such as loaded baked potato casserole, tomato basil soup, potatoes and chicken-flavored potpie, teriyaki and rice, and more. Much like our other emergency food storage packages, this particular one can last for up to 25 years when stored properly. Being prepared for the unexpected is important. As long as you do your part to plan in advance, you don’t have to compromise your dietary needs even during an emergency event or natural disaster. Start preparing today!