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Ultimate 3-Day Emergency Survival Backpack
  • $349.99
  • $289.99
Black 64 Piece Survival Backpack
  • $109.99
Red 64 Piece Survival Backpack
  • $109.99
Camo 64 Piece Survival Backpack
  • $109.99
Emergency Food Supply Ready Grab Bag
  • $124.99
Dog Survival Kit
  • $89.99
Emergency Survival Starter Kit
  • $49.99
Hiker Bundle
  • $74.99
Survival Backpacks and Bug Out Bags are a short-term survival kit, stored in a backpack or  easy to carry bag. Its function is to provide you with the basic tools of survival should you have to evacuate your home or place of work quickly during an emergency, like a wildfire or hurricane. Experts recommend having several in different locations, so you have what you need at a moments notice.