Always READY by being WISE.

Over the 10+ years in business, Wise Company has grown to be a leader in the Emergency Food Storage category. Regardless of whether you were an expert "prepper" or just starting out, we had the products to suit your needs.

However, over the years we learned that being prepared is not just for "preppers", but that everyone wants to have that peace of mind. Preparedness is a universal value.   

So we began to branch out into camping meals, and more recently into everyday snacking and convenience meals. With this growth and expansion to these new areas, our core value of being “Ready” for the planned and unforeseen events in life was the unifying value that encompassed everything we are doing.

The company’s president and CEO Morten Steen-Jorgensen said, “The company has come a long way since its founding, and we are “ready” to take the next step in our growth. As we expand into new categories, it is important to bring our core value of being prepared, “Ready”, to everything we do. This is why we wanted it at the beginning of our name and the heart of our branding.”

Life can be unpredictable and the need to be self-reliant, prepared and ready is greater than ever. Now, ReadyWise provides you with all the necessary long-term food storage and freeze-dried food required for any situation.